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Do you wish that maintenance, optimization, software updates and backups of your WordPress to be done in a click? Today, We’re extremely happy to announce the launch of WP Team Support, 24/7 service and support provider that guarantees secured and simple, timely support to your website.

Lightning Deal

By default, all of our plans are most affordable that covers complete care of your website. To add topping to this excitement we are offering 20% discount to our early supporters. Your website gets backups, latest themes installed, plugin updates, periodical monitoring, optimization and more. Concentrate on your job while we fixing your website.
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Why WP Team Support?

WordPress nearly contributes 26% to the total website on the World Wide Webnetwork and it’s likely to increase around 50% in the year 2020. Web sites may undergo malware attacks consequently resulting in loss of your website data, as time grows your website become sluggish and outdated. If you made a rough cost calculation nearly hundred to thousands of your dollars ended in vain.

Web sites get completely knocked down because of countless threats like getting hacked, broken links, outdated plugins and malware attack. Users came to know that their websites become the victims only at the end. Is there a solution for this? yes, of course, a regular maintenance and monitoring keep you safe. There are a number of service providers out there to help you with this.

Ya, I hear you saying WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE YOU? WP Team Support is a part of your team solely dedicated to the improvement of your WordPress and helps you grow. Since we are of the same team all your information and sensitive data will be safeguarded like our own details.

What makes us distinct from others?

So what everyone is doing the same what makes us distinct from others? the answer is simple we provide around the clock support and services to you, we introduce SUPPORT CREDITS. Support Credits are basic points you receive at the beginning of each plan, which you use for an instant fix. For each fix you will be required a certain amount of credits according to support credits. As a result, you have a pleasant experience with your website and more time to take care of your business.

[blockquote]“ What makes us distinct from others? SUPPORT CREDITS”[/blockquote]

Fix your website immediately by just sending us a text in the chat and tada..problem fixed!!!, it is just as simple as that. Especially for the last minute people like me, it’s a boon. In the fast moving world, each and every second count and we respect it.

We provide a huge list of services like Real-time Cloud Backups, 24/7 Security Monitoring & Malware Cleanups, SEO support, Monthly report, Site Migration, Plugin and theme installs, small jobs per day(varies according to plan), personal caretaker, 1 to 1 support, optimizing loading speed…. the list goes on.

The interesting part of us here in PRICING is we provide you most economical and affordable plan for WordPress services and maintenance starting at just $29, an average amount you spend for a day becomes a worthy investment here. We ensure 100% fully guaranteed 30-day refund policy and you get 20% discount as an introductory offer, it is a lightning deal. I won’t miss a chance like this to get WP Team Support.

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